Valentine’s Competition Winners Share Their ‘Love Story’

Our Valentine’s Competition

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, we decided to spread the love and offer the chance for one lucky couple to win a 3-course Valentine’s meal including a bottle of house wine.

Through the power of social media, we invited couples far and wide to tell us why their ‘love story’ is the best – and we received some really great entries! But, after reading through all of the entries, a winning couple had to be decided – and that winning couple was Gemma and Daniel Copnall.

On Thursday 13th February, Gemma and Daniel came in to enjoy their prize as well as celebrate (a little early) their second wedding anniversary. You can read their love story in Gemma’s own words below.

Gemma & Daniel Copnall

First impressions

In 2014 after feeling unlucky in love, my friends pushed me to try online dating using a phone App. After giving it a try and finding that I was swiping “No” to pretty much everyone, I came across Daniel from Wrexham. “Does he live too far away from me?” I asked myself. “He likes football and I hate football,” I thought. But he did have a nice picture of what looked like his grandparents and a cute dog! I was sold! 

So, after swiping “Yes” to Daniel, it came up as a match and the app prompted me to send a message. Feeling nervous, my work friend gave me some confidence to just be brave and be the one to send the first message. A week later I had no reply and was gutted! The person who I thought was a family boy hadn’t replied!

After a particularly hungover day on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, I suddenly had an alert on my phone. Daniel from Wrexham had replied! He explained that he had been working away as a football coach in America for the summer and had just returned. Something told him to download the app again when he came back from America and mine was the first message to appear.

Gemma & Daniel enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s meal at the Three Eagles

I remember it like it was yesterday – he was so apologetic and said he was sorry if he was too late in replying. I loved his manner so we spoke for a while and arranged to meet up on his way back from work. After a few dates, his sister rang when we were together having coffee. 

“Dan what are Gemma’s parents’ names?” she asked him. “What village are they from?” I heard this and began to worry what on earth was this interrogation?

A shocking coincidence

Her husband’s Nan (who is extremely close to Dan’s entire family) had kept in contact with my parents after meeting them in Ibiza in the late 70s. My parents as late teenagers were on their first Summer holiday and had made friends with a middle-aged couple from Wrexham and they had always talked about “Norma and Frank” to my sister and I during our childhood years. When we used to scroll through family albums, they used to show us the snaps of their first holiday to Ibiza where they had the most fun with this couple who were just hilarious to be around. They also showed us photos of their perms and times by the beach and in bars and how this couple made their holiday that much more enjoyable. Every Christmas since Ibiza they would write cards to each other and keep in contact. 

Norma had been told by family that Daniel had been meeting “a Gemma from a little village north of Shrewsbury” and originally thought nothing of it. But then she twigged! Maybe I was the daughter of her holiday friends. After realising I was the Gemma she suspected, Daniel and I arranged for them to meet up on the first family celebration of our niece’s christening. Unfortunately, Frank had passed in the year I met Daniel but my parents got to meet Norma again for the first time in 40 years. There were so many happy tears when they met up!

The proposal

After 2 years of dating and living together, Daniel proposed to me whilst we were walking around beautiful Lake Vrynwy. This was only after grumpy me had been refusing to walk down to the lake side in the rain! After skimming stones in the water, I turned around to Daniel down on one knee with a beautiful ring. We cried, walked up to the hotel, had champagne and drove on to a country pub where Daniel had already arranged lovely meal with both of our parents (it was a good job I said yes!).

“After skimming stones in the water, I turned around to Daniel down on one knee with a beautiful ring.”

A most perfect wedding venue

Within a week of getting engaged my hair dresser gave me the details of a new up and coming Llangollen-based venue called Tyn Dwr Hall. I quickly arranged for my mum and sister to come with me that weekend (this was the venues first open day) but Daniel was working so he couldn’t come with us (the joys of working in football). Within ten minutes of arriving at the venue, I told my mum and sister to take a seat and that I’d be “right back”. I went to book the venue!

I instantly had ‘the feeling’ and I could picture Daniel and I walking down the aisle in the ceremony room and me getting ready in the dressing room on our big day. I just had goose bumps! I called Daniel via FaceTime after booking the Hall and showed him what I could. I explained that I knew it was the one and had booked a date 15 months later. He seemed shocked at first but wanted us to go back the following week on a private visit. Within seconds of visiting, Daniel said “I know why you booked this, this is very us!”

We married on 25th March 2018 on a cold yet sunny spring day! And that was the start of our married life…

The beautiful Tyn Dwr Hall where Gemma & Daniel were married

We currently live in our forever home which we moved into just before the wedding (stressful I know!) and with some of our wedding money we bought our wedding gift to each other – our Pug cross named Rodney. I was only allowed a dog if I let Daniel choose the name and he is an Only Fools and Horses fan. He also named the wedding tables after all the Only Fools characters (that was his part of the wedding planning!). 

We spent our first wedding anniversary meal at The Three Eagles and are so grateful to win this amazing competition to spend nearly our second wedding anniversary meal here too.

Gemma Copnall xx