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Carbon Free Dining at Three Eagles

We are proud to announce the next initiative in our sustainability roadmap! The Three Eagles is now officially recognised as a Carbon Free Dining Certified Restaurant.

Carbon Free Dining is a United Nations environment backed initiative that offsets the carbon associated with your meals and helps those less fortunate in the developing world by planting a fruit tree. The initiative is a fantastic way to help counterbalance the carbon associated with preparing your meals and, help some of the planet’s most impoverished communities, simply by an optional 99p added to your bill, so that you can dine guilt-free!

As members of the scheme, we’re demonstrating our commitment to the environment and helping to change the lives of communities across the developing world. We’ve already planted 100 trees through the initiative and we want you to help us plant more. By paying a small donation on your bill, we guarantee to plant a fruit tree in the developing world on your behalf.

Not only will your tree counterbalance the carbon footprint of your meal, but it will provide empowerment and opportunity for some of the developing world’s poorest communities and ultimately, help bring an end to poverty.

How does your contribution help?

  • Offsets the carbon footprint of your meal
  • Helps to reduce deforestation and tackle greenhouse gasses
  • Feeds the communities in the locations the trees are planted
  • Improves the live of those less fortunate in the developing wold

Visit the Carbon Free Dining website to find out more about the initiative and view our certification for the first 100 trees planted here 

View the full Three Eagles Sustainability roadmap here

Carbon Free Dining Restaurant

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