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Team Talk – Morgan

Meet Morgan, Bar Manager and the latest team member to join Three Eagles

Welcome to the team Morgan!

What will your job role at The Three Eagles involve? At the Three Eagles I will be taking over as the bar manager. The team has put in some great groundwork for me to pick up from and I’m looking forward to working with the guys in busy surroundings, sharing knowledge and gaining more skills along the way! I will be looking into designing new drinks and specials in the future so all our guests have a drink that’s just right for them.

What is your favourite cocktail? My favourite cocktail… that’s a difficult one. I’ve made and tried so many that it’s hard to pin it down. If it came to making one it would have to be a Mojito or an Old Fashioned, but in terms of taste, I think it’s a Bramble! You can’t go wrong!

If you weren’t a bartender, what would you be? If I wasn’t a bartender I think it would be somewhere between a movie director, a teacher and a Jedi Knight. It’s a broad spectrum but I think it’s good to keep your options open!

What attracted you to the hospitality industry? The hospitality industry is the best! I love people, talking to them and hearing their stories. It’s so great to learn what people like and dislike and I’m especially lucky that I can work with cocktails to fit people’s wants and needs! It’s also the best industry for colleagues, on a busy night behind the bar to feel like you’re on the front line with your comrades is an exhilarating feeling, knowing we’re ready for anything!

What’s your favourite dish on the new menu? I have to say the epic tomahawk is what it’s all about. The only thing better than a steak is a MASSIVE steak! So come and give it a try if you think you’ve got what it takes.

What’s your signature dish at home? My signature dish at home, that’s a tough one! Not to be biased to my last question, I do make a mean steak. A nice medium rare ribeye fried simple in butter with garlic and thyme is just awesome!

Give us your insider tips? My biggest insider tip would be to know the team! Everyone at Three Eagles has something unique to offer. Each person has their own skill set and personality and knowing a bit about what each person can offer can really elevate your experience. For example – if you want a fantastic coffee, Lydia is your girl, if you want a cocktail tailored just for you, Josh and I can help you out no problem. If you want to be filled up with fantastic food, Dyfan and his brigade are who you’re looking for. Plus many more. Come say hello, we’re all excited to see you!

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