Team Talk – Donovan

Meet Donovan Evans, our front of house manager

This month, we discover why steak and a sizzling atmosphere puts a smile on Donovan’s face

Our Front of House Manager, Donovan

What does your job involve?
I oversee the bar & grill’s day to day operations. I make sure that we give the highest level of service at all times.
No day is ever the same – sometimes I’m working at the bar, at other times I’m on the floor. But the best part of my job is to get the place buzzing with a great Saturday night atmosphere.

What do you love the most about your role?
I really, really love the adrenaline of a busy bar and restaurant, and making sure everyone’s happy. Nothing beats the feeling of taking a step back and seeing smiling faces. Ditto getting great online comments and customer feedback. It’s the best!

What attracted you to the hospitality industry?
Like most people who work in this sector, I started as a young part-timer – now there’s no looking back. It’s way of life for most of us. As the saying goes, ‘once you’re in, there’s no getting out.’

What’s your favourite dish on the new menu?
Our Welsh Tomahawks not only look, smell and taste great – they also give us an opportunity to engage more with our guests. This steak gives us a story to tell. Then you can have a bit of banter and see if they manage to eat it all.

What’s your signature dish at home?
It has to be a steak. Nothing beats a good piece of meat from my local butcher before getting the BBQ flaming.

Give us your insider tips:
My number one advice is to book a table. Also, follow all our social media sites and newsletters for upcoming events so you don’t miss out. I hate turning people away, so getting in early makes me happy.