How to Instagram Your Food

Master the art of taking the tastiest shots of your Three Eagles meals with these top tips:

Get the right light

Soft, natural light is usually best – so eat out in our courtyard or bag yourself a window table.

Think about composition

Overhead shots with some white space usually look great but it’s also worth getting a little background scenery into the frame to add context. See what works best. 

Keep it real

Sometimes food looks mouthwatering when it’s a little messy and real. This applies to lifestyle shots too. Posing is so passé. 


Okay, so Instagram has some great filters but it’s worth checking out photo editing apps like VSCO for that finished look.


Never let taking a photo get in the way of enjoying your food and having fun with friends. 

Oh, and don’t forget to tag us @thethreeeagles_llangollen