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For What It’s Earth…

Sustainability is the name of the game at the Three Eagles Bar & Grill in Llangollen. The Three Eagles team are committed to driving initiatives that support our pledge to be as sustainable as possible, having promised to reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly, engaging with the local community in the process.

Find out more about our initiatives and how you can get involved at home!

Supporting the Planet

  • The Three Eagles are members of carbon free dining, partnering with The Green Earth Appeal, offsetting the carbon emissions of eating out
  • The on-site recycling centre at the Three Eagles ensures waste is separated for recycling, with 0% of the restaurant’s waste going to landfill
  • Customers will only be given biodegradable paper drinking straws on site
  • Three Eagles have pledged to reduce their paper consumption by 90% in 2021
  • Energy saving LED light bulbs are used throughout the restaurant and the team is committed to producing their own solar energy by 2023
  • A constantly evolving menu encourages more plant-based dining!

Supporting the Local Community

  • Hope House in Wrexham is the Three Eagles’ nominated charity and the team undertake various fund-raising activities throughout the year
  • Partnerships with local primary and secondary schools in Llangollen provide pupils the change to engage with a restaurant educationally and every Easter Three Eagles donate chocolate eggs to pupils
  • Regular litter picking exercises in the local area

Five ways you can practice sustainability at home

  • Reduce the amount of water you use
  • Recycle!
  • Use a bag for life or switch to recyclable paper for your groceries
  • Grow your own herbs and vegetables
  • Create a compost heap and reuse the mulch in your garden

Read the full Three Eagles pledge to sustainability here >

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